MOA 2021 Election Results

Thanks to all members who participated in the MOA 2021 Election. 105 of you participated, or 45% of the members of record. All of the Board candidates were elected to the Board for 2022. Tracey Dion, Terry and Ty O'Connor, Ekalaka are newly elected and join the existing MOA Board members Jess Alger, Doug Crabtree, Gary Iverson, Cliff Merriman, Nate Powell-Palm, Judy Owsowitz, Sam Schmidt, MonaRae Tuhy, Becky Weed, and John Wicks.

All of the policy proposals passed and are now part of the MOA policy platform. This platform allows others to know where the MOA membership stands on particular issues and helps the MOA organization more accurately reflect those stances to other organizations, for lobby efforts, and to the public. You can find the full results at the link below.

The Board requests that anyone wishing to run for it participate in committee work. Those committees include Communications, Conference, Farm Tour, and Policy Sub-Committee. Contact Jamie Lockman, MOA Executive Director or the Committee Chairs listed below:

Becky Weed, Communications Committee Chair,

John Wicks, Conference Committee,

Gary Iverson, Farm Tour Committee,

Nate Powell-Palm, Policy Sub-committee,

Anyone wishing to run for the Board should contact Sam Schmidt, Nominations and Elections Chair.

Board nominations and policy proposals should be submitted to the appropriate committee by September 1, 2022.

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