Becky Weed Shares Her Knowledge and Wisdom About Climate Change

This past July, Becky Weed provided a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and engaging voice for Montana's organic producers and the Montana Organic Association in an interview on climate change and agriculture on National Public Radio's On Point program with Meghna Chakrabarti. The basis for the On Point news interview with Marc Heller, a reporter covering agriculture for E&E News and Daniel Cusick, a reporter covering climate adaptation for E&E News, is a special report they co-authored entitled Recipe for Change. The report examines how agriculture and fishing are being altered in response to climate change. Among the topics covered in the report are how farmers and fisherman are responding to water shortages, altered seasons, warming seas, shifting fish stocks, with ideas and activities like carbon sequestration, livestock breeding, indoor farming, perennial grains, manure, lobbying, legislation, and more.

Becky, who serves as MOA Board Vice-Chair and who was also a co-author on the Montana Climate Assessment, shared her anecdotes about extreme weather events and how she copes with volatility on her sheep ranch.  Becky speaks from her background in geology and provides knowledgeable insight into global climate shifts and agricultural resilience based on organic farming practices and the science-based decision making that informs the management of her and Dave's 13 Mile Farm. She questions the policies that dominate the Farm Bill and have incentivized activities and crops that have led to environmental degradation. She sees part of the solution to electing public officials who ascribe to science and who are willing to evaluate legislation that leverages resilient agriculture to mitigate climate change.

E & E News focuses on reporting on issues with energy and the environment.

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