Join Us for the 2023 Conference!

Join Us for the 2023 Conference!

Planting Organic Connections

It’s time to revamp and assess what it means to be an organic producer. As many other labels flood into the agricultural markets; “certified regenerative”, “certified humanely raised”, etc… We at MOA feel the need to bring all these to the table and discuss what is really going on out there. 

Our aim is to bring in those who have always wondered, “what does it all mean?”

We want to welcome all producers, organic or not, new or old, large or small operations, to come share in this celebration of Montana Agriculture.  All of you, from agricultural organizations and consumers, to producers of grain, livestock, and veggies. 

  • Answer burning questions about growing organically in MT
  • Provide the space for those who want to safely ask questions and get into debates
  • Share stories of success and heartache
  • Build connections between all Montana producers; farmers and ranchers, organic and non-organic, beginning or retiring, landowners and land seekers, agricultural organizations, buyers and consumers

Starting from the grassroots, it’s time for a renewal of our commitment to what can help build a stronger and healthier food system. 


Participate in 2023

Do you have expertise in the organic farming community? We’re looking for speakers with a compelling story to share with our conference attendees this year. To be considered, fill out the Apply to Speak form and our conference team will get back to you!