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Become an integral part of Montana's organic community.

Your sponsorship and membership help MOA carry out its mission to provide education, information, support, assistance, promotion, and representation for organic producers, processors, handlers, retailers, consumers, researchers, agricultural service providers, and other interested parties.

The MOA membership believes that the organic movement is the one best hope for keeping small family farms viable while providing clean, nutritious, and safe food to the community; helping secure our food system by supporting farm diversity, and contributing to a healthier environment which helps protect our precious wildlife and natural resources.

In 2020, MOA:

  • Collaborated with AERO to lead the Montana Food Providers Project that delivers Montana-grown and processed food to Montanans in need and to fairly compensate farmers and ranchers who grow the food.
  • Hosting discussions with ranchers, meat cutters, state and federal agency representatives, entrepreneurs, and more to learn about the needs and opportunities for local, decentralized meatpacking in Montana.
  • More communication with Senator Tester's and Daines's office as well as with Congressman Gianforte's offices on topics that affect not only Montana's organic farmers and ranchers but the entire Montana agriculture economy as well. 
  • Working to bring agronomy training to Montana through the OATS program that will provide education to Montana extension agents and other affiliated agricultural professionals on organic agronomy.
  • Lending support to initiatives like the Meat Cutters Journeyman certificate program at Miles Community College. 
  • Taking a more active role in policy discussions with MOA's affiliated organizations like Grow Montana
  • Seeking new ways to connect MOA's members, like filming the farm tour, surveying the membership, and developing a virtual conference program.
  • Promoting and supporting MOA members’ businesses.

Sponsorship Levels

MOA has affordable annual sponsorship rates that range from $500 to $10,000. All MOA Premium Organic Sponsorships include conference discounts, recognition in MOA's publications, a listing in MOA's Business and Resource Directory, and a website listing as an Organic Sponsor at the level selected.

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