Montana Organic Conference 2021 – Student Page

Reduced Registration, Volunteering, Surveys, and Poster Presentations

The Montana Organic Conference Committee welcomes student participation! Students bring energy to the Conference and help long-time members rethink long-held positions with new information and insightful questions. Student presenters and volunteers will receive complimentary conference registration.

VOLUNTEERS -  Volunteering provides the opportunity to meet leaders in Montana's organic community as well as the chance to take in conference sessions.

SURVEYS - Students frequently request to conduct surveys at the MOA Conference. MOA requires that surveys have faculty oversight and Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, if appropriate. Check with us before you plan your survey:  MOA Executive Director Jamie Lockman at or (406) 546-6572.

Student presentations are typically 5- 10 minutes with 5 minutes for questions and will be delivered virtually on December 6, 2021 (time tba). Complete proposals received by November 26, 2021, will receive priority consideration. Ideally, students will be working with a faculty advisor overseeing their work. Students will provide rigid cardboard or foam core for displaying their posters.  Visit our Conference Archive to view previous year's programs to get an idea of the types of presentations that have been given in the past.  For more information contact MOA Executive Director Jamie Lockman at or (406) 546-6572.

2021 Call for Student Presentations - Montana Organic Conference

  • Provide title for proposed contribution to the Montana Organic Conference. You will have the opportunity to update the title approximately one month prior to the conference if you wish.
  • Provide a rough description and/or outline of your proposed contribution, no more than 3 paragraphs.
  • Explain how your conference contribution includes information that promotes and/or includes organic to strive for excellence in agriculture and/or food and nutrition and/or fiber and/or commerce and/or demonstrates strategies to protect the environment and/or enhance community well-being.
  • MOA is cognizant that given the realities of COVID-19, there is a chance that Montana Organic Conference may not take place in person. It may instead issue a hard-copy document of presentations.
  • Key presenter and/or contact.
  • Please provide your academic status and year (Undergraduate? Master's program? PhD program?) and year (Senior? 1st year? 2nd year?)
  • Faculty Information

  • Provide the name of the faculty member most directly overseeing and advising your work.
  • If you know who your additional presenters/panelists will be, please provide their name(s) and contact information.
  • Provide any additional information that will help the selection committee understand your proposed conference contribution.


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