Kids’ U Registration form and Release

Kids' U Registration Form and Release

  • Montana Organic Association Kids' U Sign Up

    Kids' U is a chance for kids aged 4 - 12 to learn more about regenerative organic agriculture on Friday, December 6, 2019. It is organized and staffed by MOA volunteers. Registration fee is $10 for each child to help cover costs for food and program supplies.
  • Kiddo Info

  • Parent Info

  • We recognize that a family may have more than one address; in this case, we only require one of those addresses.
  • Health and Other Info

  • Identify your kiddo and let us know if there are any activities they should be restricted from.
  • Identify your kiddo(s) and let us know if they have any conditions that require special attention.
  • Please let MOA know of any additional information that will help your child(ren) have a good experience with Kids' U. (Nicknames, likes, dislikes, etc.)
  • Permissions

  • List anyone, including parents, to whom your kiddo(s) can be released.
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