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Russ-n-Tuss Kinkeye Limited

Contact: Elsie Tuss
Address 5000 Lewis Trail Floweree, Montana 59440 Phone: (406) 734-5374


This is a low-input, family farm. Our organic farm is divided by the Missouri River. We raise winter wheat, golden flax, lentils and organic beef cattle. All land and products are 100% certified by Montana Organic Certification Program and Demeter (Biodynamic). We produce quality products and life with others’ discarded stuff. The less we use up, the more there can be for other critters. We would like to live in an efficient, self-sufficient, interdependent community. Community is only limited by our limited vision of spirit. Our goal is to do the least damage to the Earth and still have a fulfilling life. Farm Visits: Hours: All days/hours; visitors welcome.

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5000 Lewis Trail Floweree Montana 59440

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