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Rudy Agro, Inc.

Contact: Michael Baerwald
Address 115 B Saskatchewan Ave. Outlook, SK S0L 2N0 Phone: (306) 867-8667 Website: Rudy Agro, Ltd.


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Rudy Agro is a HACCP-certified pulse processing facility specializing in the processing and export of niche products, as required by our customers.
We contract production from growers in Western Canada for products including large and small green lentils, red lentils, marrowfat peas and dry edible beans. We buy and contract both Organic and Conventional crops.Once the production is delivered to our facility, we go to work cleaning, colour sorting and packaging products to meet the specifications of our customers and their end users.
Each commodity has various specifications depending on where and how it is destined to be sold.It may be further processed for the snack food market in much of Asia, packaged for the retail markets in Europe, or sold directly from our bag in open street markets in Central and South America.
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