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Contact: Trevor Blyth
Address P.O. Box 4903 Missoula Montana 59806 Business Phone: (406) 251-9418 Website: Kamut International


Kamut International (KI) partners with growers, manufacturers, distributors and store owners to produce KAMUT® brand khorasan wheat products. We promote organic agriculture and sponsor agronomic and nutritional research programs.  Additionally, KI attends tradeshows and conferences to promote KAMUT brand khorasan grain globally.  Khorasan is an ancient wheat variety related to durum.  Under the “KAMUT” trade name khorasan is never hybridized or modified, contains high levels of nutrients and is always grown on certified organic farms.  You can find KAMUT in a variety of delicious products, from cereals and breads to pastas and snacks.  Please visit http://www.kamut.com for more information!

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P.O. Box 4903 Missoula Montana 59806

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