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Contact: Layne Rolston
Address 1600 S. 3rd St. West Missoula Montana 59801 Phone: (406) 541-3663 Website: Good Food Store


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The Good Food Store is dedicated to supporting a healthy community and has been serving Missoula and Western Montana for nearly 50 years. Originally named Mr. Natural’s, the Good Food Store has always had the simple goals of providing the community quality organic, natural and bulk foods and supporting local food producers.  “Locally-Grown” is still a priority in our produce department, which has been consistently voted Missoula’s favorite. The GFS Deli features FireDeck pizza, build-you-own rice and noodle wok bowls and the always popular salad, soup and hot bars. Customers can also enjoy handcrafted espresso drinks, smoothies and fresh juices in the café.  Plus shop a unique selection of appliances, linens, utensils and accessories in NEST, the Good Food Store’s kitchen and gift store.

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1600 S. 3rd St. West Missoula Montana 59801

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