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406 Agronomy

Contact: Lance Lindbloom
Address 4180 US HWY 2 Havre, Montana 59501 Phone: (406) 855-4765 Phone: (406) 231-0488 Website: 406 Agronomy


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406 Agronomy, a Montana-based company is all about roots in the ground. Our unique brand utilizes a variety of services to coach farmers, from “boots on the ground” agronomic insight to the latest precision ag technologies.

We are dedicated to coaching farmers and our mission is to assist producers to allocate scarce resources.

Lance Lindbloom, (406) 855-4765 or lance.lindbloom@406agronomy.com

TJ Knecht, (406) 231-0488 or tj.knecht@406agronomy.com

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4180 US HWY 2 Havre Montana 59501

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