17th Annual MOA Conference Call for Proposals

December 5 – 7, Bozeman, Montana

Presentations and panels are typically 35- 45 minutes with 5 – 10 minutes for questions. Panelists are responsible for recruiting and managing panelists. Complete proposals will receive priority. Visit our Conference Archive to view previous year’s programs. For more information contact Jamie Lockman at jamieryanlockman@gmail.com or (406) 546-6572.

Call for Proposals - 17th Annual MOA Conference

  • Provide title for proposed contribution to the MOA conference. You will have the opportunity to update the title approximately one month prior to the conference if you wish.
  • Provide a rough description and/or outline of your proposed contribution, no more than 3 paragraphs.
  • If so, in what role? Select all that apply.
  • MOA's mission is to advocate and promote organic agriculture for the highest good of the people, the environment and the state's economy. How does your conference contribution further this mission?
  • Explain how your conference contribution includes information that promotes and/or includes organic to strive for excellence in agriculture and/or commerce and/or demonstrates strategies to protect the environment and/or enhance community well-being.
  • Which of the following topics will be addressed in your presentation? Select all that apply
  • If you selected "Other," for topics, please provide a brief description.
  • Key presenter and/or contact.
  • If you know who your additional presenters/panelists will be, please provide their name(s) and contact information.
  • Provide any additional information that will help the selection committee understand your proposed conference contribution.
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