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January 11, 2018

From the MT Ag Safety Program – Get Ready Series: The second section that goes into your plans should include anything on job specific training for employees and workers before they start the job or task. Here are some things to include: 1. Specific safety rules and procedures; 2. Identifying employee/worker responsibilities; 3. Identification of all areas of work and procedures on completing every task; and 4. a walk-through before starting a task for the first time. Please visit and get the free materials from Safety Templates section to help write your own plan. Remember – Safety Starts With You! Create a Culture of Safety in all of your activities. Get signed up for the MT Ag Safety Program and get a double refund when available on Premiums paid into Workers Compensation Insurance. Call 406-860-6129

The Montana Organic Association is now a member of the Montana’s Ag Safety Program and MOA members (farmers & ranchers) are encouraged to participate in an Ag Safety presentation for one-on-one or group visit with a coordinator for the MT Ag Safety Program to be eligible to receive a possible return premium in addition to receiving any general dividends that might be given out by State Fund.  MT Ag Safety Program coordinators are Les Graham, Jim Larson and Ron Larson.  Visit the MT Ag Safety Website to gain access to training materials for setting up your own individually tailored farm safety program.  Remember -  safety starts with you!  (Note:  the 4% discount in premiums for safety program participants has been discontinued by State Fund by ruling from the Montana State Insurance Commissioner, as of July 1, 2016.)

More than 80% of All Workplace Accidents are Behavior Related and Preventable.

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Making safety a priority and actively promoting safety to your employees can change your employee's behavior toward safety and reduce the number of workplace accidents, and ultimately, reduce our Montana Agriculture Workers Compensation rates and your bottom line.

The Montana Safety Culture Act was enacted by the 1993 Montana State Legislature. It encourages workers and employers to follow the practice of workplace safety by raising awareness and implementing a safety program for all employees and employers.

MOA members are eligible for possible return premiums as well as any general dividends that may be given out by State Fund.  Producers who are already members of the State Fund Ag program are automatically signed up each year, but new producers may be signed up by participating in a safety seminar sponsored by the Montana Ag Safety Committee.  These seminars can be offered at the organization's annual meeting or at other events where a MT Ag Safety Program seminar is offered.

For more information on the safety training, as well as Requirements and Recommendations of the Montana Safety Culture Act, visit the Montana Ag Safety web page at:
For more information, contact coordinators Les Graham at (406) 388-9330, Jim Larson at (406) 860-6129, or Ron Larson at (406) 404-0256.

Tailgate safety meeting: Communications! There are many times during the day that farm and ranch workers are away from contact with any one and out of cell phone range. Every operation should create a plan for knowing where its people are at all times. Here are some tips. 1. Have a daily plan for worker locations. 2. Put a time limit to the activity so someone can begin looking when someone does not show up. 3. Always let someone know of deviations in the planned locations when you need to be somewhere different. 4. Always check in when you return from some place where you have been out of contact. Remember – Safety Starts With You! Create a Culture of Safety in all of your activities. Get signed up for the MT Ag Safety Program and get a double refund when available on Premiums paid into Workers Compensation Insurance. Call 406-860-6129.

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Feature Article:
Workplace Attitude
by Gene Surber and Les Graham, MT Ag Safety Program

The majority of accidents in the work place are not caused by work place conditions, but the behavior of those working there. Your attitude affects your behavior and attitude is something you have a choice about controlling.

The first thing we all should do when we get up in the morning is to put on the right attitude. Your attitude for the day has a great deal to do with your behavior, which in many cases will determine how safe your day will be. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with how things are you are more likely to have an accident.

I was on a ranch recently conducting a safety assessment. Several employees were doing repair work on equipment and even though the shop was kind of in disorder the work attitude among them was contagious. I ask how they addressed safety or if they openly talked about it. One person’s comment is worth repeating: “We won’t let each other do something stupid or unsafe. It is part of our job to look out for each other.” This attitude created a confident safe behavior among everyone, including the employer.

Attitudes are contagious! Is yours worth catching?

Contacts and emails for the Montana Ag Safety Program:
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